My Top 10 Xxxtentacion Songs

As he’s just released his second studio album, ?, I thought I’d give my two cents on Xxxtentacion. I’ve been following him for a bit of time now, and he’s blowing up in a big way – linking with hit producers and even getting some radio time. His personal life has been brought to spotlight recently, and you can hear in his music the dark and depressing tones that surround him. However, I’ve always believed that his music represents such a diverse and versatile range of styles and emotions, and here is 10 (not-ranked) songs I think you’ve got to listen to.

  1. I Don’t Wanna Do This Anymore – this song for me is a standout in his catalogue. This dark and deep love song is only under 2 minutes long, but it’s haunting sound is one to remember. One of his most streamed songs on Soundcloud, and there are many mixes on youtube.
  2. Look At Me! – this is the song that got him heard. A really catchy beat with a hardcore/industrial sound, and X’s charismatic flow shines bright on this track.
  3. Riot – an incredible song which focuses on social matters in America like Black Lives Matter etc. This shows X’s versatility, as he exhibits a ‘conscious rap’ style on an old school beat – this came out on the youtube channel Elevator, popular in breaking new artists/songs on the scene.
  4. Freddy vs. Jason – this song features frequent collaborator Ski Mask the Slump God, and shows off their great chemistry and flow together on a song. One of their early collaborations.
  5. Jocelyn Flores – one of him more recent hits, this song came of the 17 tape and was widely acclaimed as one of his best songs. It’s dedicated to a fan of the same name who tragically committed suicide, and the somber tone of the song and the lyrics really highlight the emotion being conveyed.
  6. I Spoke To The Devil in Miami – I remember hearing this song for the first time and being mesmerized. The chilling piano and story behind the words hooked me, and it’s unlike anything I’ve heard since – he did a really good job on this one.
  7. Never – this song is just a soundscape for me, it sounds like he’s on a mountain. The music is tranquil, and immediately puts you in the calmest of atmospheres. Just a fantastic piece of work.
  8. Yung Bratz – this aggressive cut, featuring a skit from a fight X got into at a show, just highlights his fiery tempo and pure rage. The distorted bass, a typical feature in X’s songs, pumps through the speakersĀ  – one word for this song: mad.
  9. Xxxanax – much like the last song, an aggressive banger that oozes fire and charisma, just a shame that it’s only just over a minute. The beat is something I’ve never heard before, with a techno vibe flowing through it.
  10. I’m Sippin’ Tea In Your Hood – it took a while before I liked this song, purely because I felt the hard-hitting bass just took away a quality from it. After I really started getting into X’s music, I understood what this song really was – just a bit of fun and something different. Distorted instrumentals and X’s fast-paced flow make this song a instant banger.



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