My Top 10 Lil Peep Songs

First off, rest in peace to this guy. I remember waking up and hearing that he’d died, and even though I’d never met him or seen him perform live, it really hit me. This guy had so much potential, and people had nothing but praise and positivity for him. Now listening to his music, you can’t help but feel sad. Still, he’s one of my favourite artists and here’s 10 songs (in no order) I think you should listen to if you want to know a bit more about Lil Peep. RIP Gus.

  1. Star Shopping – off the bat, I remember hearing this for the first time and just being amazed. I hadn’t heard something like this before, so different and unique. His voice just floats over a sombre guitar beat, focusing on his love for a girl and telling her to wait for him. His most viewed song on Genius – this guy was going places.
  2. Beamerboy – another early Peep song, off his underrated California Girls EP, this song focuses on his come up in the rap/rock scene. The music video is pretty low budget, but you can’t help but smile as he glides over this beat. It’s pretty catchy too, I had this on repeat for a few days after I first heard it.
  3. Benz Truck – I’m pretty sure this is his most viewed music video, and the first song of Peep’s I heard – feels like ages ago. The music video takes place in England and Russia during his European tour (which I’m gutted I missed), and the song is about – no surprise – him getting a Mercedes Benz truck. It’s catchy, with a real grunge-rock feel reminiscent of Cobain if he was a little more uptempo.
  4. Crybaby – I didn’t actually like this when I first heard it – I mean, it was good, but it was a bit too long for my liking. However, after a while, this song gets you – it’s pretty low-key on an emotional level, but once I saw a video of him performing this I saw it in a whole new light. Off the great Crybaby tape.
  5. Gym Class – this is probably my all time favourite Peep song (gun to my head). Music video is nostalgic and hits you in the feels combined with the mellow beat and Peep’s deep vocals. I easily find myself vibing out to this song, and never skip it if it comes up on the shuffle. Unfortunately, due to some copyright issue, the video got taken down off his official channel, but other fans managed to keep a copy and put that back up on YouTube.
  6. Suck My Blood – when I read the title, I was a bit skeptical. This song has got nothing to do with vampires or anything; it’s just about relationship that’s a bit wild and crazy. Catchy beat, Peep’s flow is insane, and full of quotables. Off the teen romance tape.
  7. Your Eyes – another song that, at first, I didn’t like. It just didn’t sound right – then I saw the video, and I guess it just hit me a different way. The chorus is super catchy, and even though it sounds a bit loud/mixed poorly in some places, I can get over that because it’s a cool song.
  8. Save That S**tmusic video recently dropped for this absolute tune. Second to Gym Class (not that I’m ranking them) – guitar is godly, vibe is wild and I somehow can get lit and deep to this song at the same time. Crazy what this guy could do.
  9. Awful Things – another recent Peep tune, this time featuring Lil Tracy, who you’ll see littered all over Peep’s catalogue of music. This is just a fun song, and the video is great – also one of his most viewed on YouTube.
  10. Witchblades – you will be screaming this chorus after a few listens, and the video is so good. Featuring Lil Tracy, both him and Peep go hard on this short but hard-hitting song off their joint mixtape, Castles II (yes, a sequel tape to Castles).

If I’m being honest, there’s so many songs I’ve missed that I would recommend. This guy was super talented, and he was forming a style of music that no one else was really pioneering. Such a tragedy that he was not of sound mental health, and now unfortunately we celebrate what his music was, not what it could’ve been.

RIP Gustav Ahr November 1, 1996 – November 15, 2017



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